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The history

The Factory World
since 1999


The close of 2018 marks the 19 years of manufacturing filled with passion for good.We have been producing home textiles, scrubs,uniforms, reusable bags and eco-friendly packaging for some of the best retailers and whole sellers in the world.

By using versatile method of embellishments like embroidery, screen print, foil hot stamp, sublimation & Digital full color we have helped more than 65 industries in healthcare, education, advertising/marketing, retailers, government institutions, insurances, financial services etc. to promote themselves.




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The best material

Quality of products & services is what binds our clients with us, we can develop any product with your customized specifications. Our expert team is equipped to adapt to any kind of material, specifications, embellishments and designs features and turn impossible into a reality for you.

handmade hat

Artemis unique model

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All Natural Materials

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